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Joe Girardi, Master of Understatement
2006-03-25 11:22
by Erik Siegrist

I was going to follow up Part One of 'Titanic Spring Roster Battles' by mentioning that Jason Stokes got hurt (his groin, not his wrist -- probably one of the few times a player is glad he strained his groin) and that Mike Jacobs had just about won the job by default as a result, but this quote says it so much better.

New Marlins manager Joe Girardi, on Jacobs, via their team page on

"He showed for a month last year that he was a guy who can hit some home runs. If you hit home runs, you obviously are going to put up big numbers. He had 11 in a month -- basically, in 100 at-bats. If you project that out, that would be real nice for any club."

66-odd home runs in a season would be "real nice"... I'd hate to see what he'd say if someone breaks Bonds' single season record. "Swell"? Maybe he'd really push the envelope and bust out a "Terrific".

Of course maybe the problem is that Girardi was a catcher, so when he says "project that out" he's thinking you only get 300 or so at bats in a year. These days, 33 home runs probably doesn't rate more than a "real nice".

2006-03-25 19:20:56
1.   das411
You don't think Mike Jacobs can hit 66 home runs this season??
2006-03-26 20:15:27
2.   das411 mean you don't think Mike Jacobs can put up 66 HRs in a full season?

SOMEONE wasn't reading the NYPost last season!

2006-03-26 23:13:57
3.   Ken Arneson
2006-03-26 23:15:28
4.   Ken Arneson
Hmm...wonder why that happened. Seems I have a bug...some comments refusing to show up. Oh well, I'm rewriting the whole codebase anyway, so it'll get fixed one way or another.
2006-03-26 23:39:28
5.   das411
Oy, well one of those was like two days ago and it still isn't funny...oh well, thanks Ken!
2006-03-27 16:33:59
6.   Erik Siegrist
I'd just assumed it was the zapper in action...
2006-03-27 16:56:16
7.   Schteeve
I wonder how many big league managers have ever uttered the words "project that out." Seems rather forward thinking to me. ;)

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